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I'm sorry


23 May, 2015 11:55 AM

Melania- It's like im stuck in this deep dark hole of sadness... Questions surround me like, will i ever be happy again? How do i be happy? Statements like, i want to be happy again just flood my brain. 16 years of age, 3 year batteler of depression. For the past three years i have always debated on killing myself. Attemps were made, but my strength got the better of me. But now, its like nothing before. I am worse than i was, i am more sad than i was and really i am more scared than i was. Looking at blades are something so usual now. Cutting into my skin is something so daily. It's like it's a daily routine. I feel as though its time. Time to leave. Cutting is like it was so three years ago, crying too. It's time to end all pain. Im sick and... [Read More]

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First funeral


06 Mar, 2013 02:27 AM

Recently I went to my grandfather's funeral. He was 97 years old, and he was hospitalized a few weeks before death. He had 5 daughters, one of which is my mom, whom I love very much, of course. He had some gallbladder problem or something and was dehydrated when my aunts admitted him to the hospital. He got a bit worse, then got better, and began recovering. I saw him while he was recovering once, and he said his signature line, "Long time no see!" in raspy English. (my family is Chinese-cantonese, and all the adults in both sides of my family came from China.) He seemed to be getting better when I saw him, and I told him that he'd made it this far, he'd definitely get better. He shook his head and whispered in Cantonese, "No use." I almost cried then, but my mom had been there for... [Read More]

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