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I've lost him because of them.

Izzabell Skellington

19 Jan, 2013 03:12 AM

He was the face I saw in the hallway everyday at school on the way to lunch. The face I looked forward to everyday. The face that I didn't know the story of. The face that caused me to hide my blushing face to keep those eyes from seeing the feelings I had. I felt as if he could read me by just looking into my eyes. The first day we spoke was the Monday after school had ended. I had never said a word to him before it. He messaged me on facebook and we began to talk. He ended up asking me out the next day and I said yes because I knew there was a connection between the two of us. He immediately wanted to come over to meet my parents and see me. I told him I wasn't sure that was a good idea because no... [Read More]

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Believe Me When I Say Your Beautiful


28 Aug, 2011 10:09 PM

I was with my friend Alex,, And I got in a fight with the guy who said he loved me, We left in a furry, I walked up to the benches crying but no one noticed cause I was blinking away the tears, When,, This guy I've always liked said "Let's go on a walk.." And We got up and started on our walk.. He said "I could tell you were going to cry,," Me: "I was.." Him: "Well, was.." ...........LATER............ After I was done telling him,, the 2guys that have used me for pictures and my body.. He looked me deep in the eyes he pierced through my skin and straight through my sheild of not trusting anyone, Fast down my throat and past my lungs to my heart and lit it on fire. He said "Believe Me When I Say Your Beautiful" Me: "I've attempted suicide..." Him: "No... [Read More]

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