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My First Real Infatuation


10 Mar, 2013 07:56 PM

It was December... A regular, cold morning in our school. I was only an 8th grader. I had just gotten over my last 'crush', who had ignored me and talked wrong about me behind my back. This year had been very tough for me- my best friend had stabbed me in the back, half of my other friends left me, and almost everyone else around me hated me or didn't want to talk to me. I went through a time when I just wasn't happy and I wanted to be alone. That time changed when I talked to a boy named Stephen. Stephen was different to me, but I didn't know it yet. I had met him in the 6th grade, and he was amazing. Then, we slowly forgot about each other. I talked to him again in 8th grade (I sat behind him). He was also so charming and... [Read More]

Tags: Love, Crush, Honesty, High School, Unloved, Sad, Hurt, Hope
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