Showing sad songs for tag "love"


Still Loving You by Scorpions

Tags: Scorpions, Love, Pride

All Of Me by John Legend

Tags: John Legend, Love, Soft

Trouble Is by Backstreet Boys

Tags: Backstreet Boys, Love, Memories

Dust In The Wind by Kansas

Tags: Kansas, Empty, Love

All My Love by Led Zeppelin

Tags: Led Zeppelin, Love

Oh My Love by John Lennon

Tags: John Lennon, Love, Heart

The End by Beatles

Tags: Beatles, Love

I Don't Own Anything by Kiss

Tags: Kiss, Soft, Love

Trouble Is by Backstreets

Tags: BACKSTREET, Love, Memories

What Hurts The Most by Rascal Flatts

Tags: Rascal Flatts, Love, Missing

I Will Be Right Here Waiting For You by Bryan Adams

Tags: Bryan Adams, Love, Waiting, Alone, Apart

The U2 by With or Without you

Tags: U2, Love, Waiting

Woman by John Lennon

Tags: John Lennon, Love

Fact-Fiction by Mads Langer

Tags: Mads Langer, Pain, Love, Lost

I Can't Make You Love Me by George Michael

Tags: Love, Missing, Alone, George Michael