Showing sad songs for tag "alone"


High Hopes by Pink Floyd

Tags: Pink Floyd, Alone

Shattered by Backstreet Boys

Tags: Backstreet Boys, Shattered, Alone, Hurt

I Will Be Right Here Waiting For You by Bryan Adams

Tags: Bryan Adams, Love, Waiting, Alone, Apart

My heart will go on by Celine Dion

Tags: Celine Dion, Sad, Sorrow, Alone

I Can't Make You Love Me by George Michael

Tags: Love, Missing, Alone, George Michael

Dear agony by Breaking Benjamin

Tags: Sad, Agony, Pain, Alone, Empty, Breaking Benjamin

The Lighthouse's Tale by Nickel Creek

Tags: Alone, Empty, Love, Death, Suicide, Memories, Nickel Creek

Save me by RBD

Tags: Sad, Unloved, Breakup, Missing, Alone, Heartbroken, RBD

When The Last Teardrop Falls by Blaque

Tags: Sad, Breakup, Left, Love, Heartbroken, Alone, Tear, Crying, Sadness, Hurt, Blaque

Alone In This Bed by Framing Hanley

Tags: Sad, Alone, Memories, Love, Missing, Framing Hanley

Fix me by 10 Years

Tags: Lost, Alone, Depressed, Faded, Sad, Sollitude, 10 Years

'Sad' by Maroon 5

Tags: Sad, Hurt, Alone, Memories, Missing, Unloved, Maroon 5

A Place Nearby by Lene Marlin

Tags: Sad, Death, Separation, Alone, Missing, Memories, Sadness, Pain, Lene Martin

How do you get that lonely by Blaine Larsen

Tags: Sad, Suicide, Death, Cry, Sadness, Alone, Depression, Blaine Larsen

Lithium by Evanescence

Tags: Sad, Emo, Stuck, Alone, Evanescence