Showing sad songs for tag "cry"


Cry! by Rihanna

Tags: Girl, Love, Hurt, Broken, Cry, Sad, Rihanna

Playing My Game by Lene Martin

Tags: Sad, Cry, Breakup, Lost, Lene Martin

How do you get that lonely by Blaine Larsen

Tags: Sad, Suicide, Death, Cry, Sadness, Alone, Depression, Blaine Larsen

Misguided Angels by Cowboy Junkies

Tags: Love, Cry, Angel, Cowboy Junkies

Go on and Cry by Bloodstone

Tags: Cry, Life

Everybody hurts by R.E.M

Tags: Hurt, Cry, R.E.M

1,000 Oceans by Tori Amos

Tags: Tears, Cry, Tori Amos

Cold as You by Taylor Swift

Tags: Cry, Unloved, Lost, Taylor Swift

I Cry by Westlife

Tags: Saddest, Cry, Lost, Missing, Westlife, Love