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Dreaming With a Broken Heart by John Mayer

Tags: John Mayer, Broken, Hurt, Heart

You're Not Sorry by Taylor Swift

Tags: Taylor Swift, Lost, Breakup, Broken

What Now by Rihanna

Tags: Rihanna, Breakup, Broken

Stay by Miley cyrus

Tags: Love, Broken, Sad, Missing, Memories, Pain, Hurt, Tears, Breakup, Miley Cyrus

Impossible by Shontelle

Tags: Sad, Love, Hurt, Broken, Unloved, Betrayed, Sadness, Shontelle

Cry! by Rihanna

Tags: Girl, Love, Hurt, Broken, Cry, Sad, Rihanna

What About Now by Daughtry

Tags: Love, Broken, Lost, Sad, Memories, Daughtry

Tourniquet by Evanescence

Tags: Sad, Pain, Death, Suicide, Broken, Depressed, Evanescence

Nothing by The Script

Tags: Breakup, Broken, Unloved, The Script

Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri

Tags: Betrayed, Hurt, Broken, Cheated, Christina Perri

October by Evanescence

Tags: Broken, Lost, Missing, Evanescence

White Horse by Taylor Swift

Tags: Lost, Broken, Lonely, Taylor Swift

Cryin for me(waymans song) by Toby kieth

Tags: Crying, Missing, Lost, Broken, Toby Kieth

I'll see you again by Westlife

Tags: Missing, Lost, Broken, Westlife

Where Do Broken Hearts Go by Whitney Houston

Tags: Broken, Lost, Breakup, Whitney Houston