Empty by The Click Five

Tags: The Click Five, Empty, Heart

Woman by John Lennon

Tags: John Lennon, Love

Human by Tommy Hunt

Tags: Love, Breakup, Tommy Hunt

Ring Them Bells by Sarah Jarosz

Tags: Bob Dylan, Sad, Lonely, Soft

Heartless by Kriss Allen

Tags: Kriss Allen, Heartbroken, Hurt, Rock

Save me by RBD

Tags: Sad, Unloved, Breakup, Missing, Alone, Heartbroken, RBD

Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus

Tags: Miley Cyrus, Sad, Betrayed, Breakup

Come In With The Rain by Taylor Swift

Tags: Taylor Swift, Sorrow, Breakup

Dreaming With a Broken Heart by John Mayer

Tags: John Mayer, Broken, Hurt, Heart