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01 Apr, 2010 06:29 AM

Every night, it's always the same dream. It probably wouldn't frighten anyone else. It's not really scary. There's no blood and gore. It always features the same man, around twenty, dressed in black. Just your normal guy. When he speaks, it's like your own personal hell has begun. But the worst part is that the dream is impossible to remember. The only thing I'm able to remember is his smile, a disturbing smile that chills be to the bone. And always, at the end of the dream, he will say, "Remember nothing". Then, the dream will shatter, and I will be left with nothing, because no one could possibly understand the horror of this dream. And always, just like he intended, I won't be able to remember anything.The dream is killing me. I'm afraid to go to sleep at night, fearing the return of the man. I won't eat or drink anything. The man is slowly torturing me. I just want to die, to escape his terrible wrath. But the worst part has yet to come. I know that man. He was once my guider through this terrible world, before he left me broken at the bottom of the stairs. Ever since I got past those terrible six months in hospital, I can never escape the dream. It will always be there, for ever and ever.

Tags: Dream, Lost, Nightmare
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