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It makes me nervous when...


21 Jul, 2011 12:14 PM

Everyone is usually nervous at one point. Whether its peeing in your pants, throwing up in front of everyone, reading your paper out to the class, giving a speech in front of your whole school, or more.

There was a girl named Alex Veresto hwo was nervous all the time. Even when people just asked her a question, she would freak out as if someone told her a scary story. She only had one friend, her mom. Her father was a soldier at war, and died by severe head bleeding. Her father was the only one that she felt kept her safe. Ever since then, Alex has been crying herself to sleep, and not feeling protected. Alex always felt like her dad would help dad would help her in everything.

Well once again, Alex woke up this morning as tired as you'd be on a road trip to Florida. She went downstairs as silent as a mouse, and went in the kitchen. Her mom tries her hardest to do the best she can with her. Half the time, it doesn't work.

Her mom made her breakfast as if she went to a buffet. Once Alex was done, her mother slowly took her to school. Her mom started the conversation talking about her father. Today she thought that Alex was old enough to know why he died. Before, her mom just said that he got old but today she thought that she should know. She was telling Alex that it might be a great change for the both of them. As the conversation went on, Alex's face started getting as bright as a cherry, and it looked as if she were holding in her screams.

Alexs's mom finally arrived at the drop-off at her school. Without a word, Alex ran out of the car crying and screaming as if the world was ending. Everyone was looking at her like she was crazy. She was super nervous that everyone would humiliate, but instead they just went back to talking with their friends.

She ran as fast as a lion to her classroom. Luckily her teacher was inside, so he let her in. Her teacher, Mr. Hamilton, was asking her about everything. As nervous and sad as she was, she told him everything. She told him about her dad, mom, and about having no friends. As she was finishing, the bell rang. All the students came in, first seeing Alex drenched in tears. Everyone was asking Alex questions as if they were reporters.

Mr. Hamilton told the class to find their seats, and they followed his orders. As usual he started his lessons, but today they had to read their essays about their hero. Mr. Hamilton called out people to read first.
"Riley, Shannon, Skyler, and Darby, in that order will read their essays."
He called out a few more people, then called Alex's name. Alex was always nervous to read anything in front of the classroom.

The only thing Alex had left of her father was a heart locket that he gave her with his picture on the left, and her picture on the right. She went up in front of the classroom. She held her necklace and began to cry. She thought of her father. She closed her eyes, then opened them, and saw her father. Crying in tears, her dad said ,"It's okay, I am always her."

She began to cry as hard as rain. He vanished and she started her essay. "My hero is my dad..."

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i love you says:
28 Aug, 2011 09:32 AM

iiiiiii er is this real i really i dont kno i feel upset

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