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a summers love


24 May, 2011 05:47 AM

So I'm the new girl at school and its lunch i have no clue where I'm going the school is really big. finally a boy named Chris asks to show me where to go i accept the offer quickly. we sit at his usual table and i start to meet his friends Manny, Enriqu, Dre, and Jayda. just when i think i meet everyone here he comes...the most beautiful boy i have ever seen... he was slightly tall (which is way taller then me cuz I'm short) had a fresh hair cut had the body of an angel he sat down right next to me and introduced himself. Zak is his name... then he flashed his gorgeous smile at me and that's when i looked into his eyes they were a deep hazel that went well with his dark complexion... as time passes we get closer and closer. Me, Zak, and Dre were best friends til one day we get the news that Dre past away on a four wheeler wrack... this killed me.. Dre had been in love with me but all along i love his best friend... at the funeral Zak held me so close telling me it would all be ok and i believed him soon after that we went out on a date and from that day forward we were a thing i guess you could say... it became summer and we both took each others virginity.. one day on myspace this girl writes me and asks me why I'm trying to talk to her boyfriend i get very confused because she is talking about Zak. i ask him what all of that is and he tells me its nothing she is just hating well soon me and her and his ex become really close friends little did we all know he is playing with all three of us... we see the messages he writes to each of us but ignore them....after the whole summer of that i get tired of him using me for sex so i say I'm threw with him it has been about six months since then but my best friend is now dating him and come to find out he was not a virgin... everything he ever told me was a lie our friendship when Dre was alive was fake there was no love really there i just tried to make it something its not.... take my advice never fall for your best friends once you lose that love you lose that friendship as well

Tags: Lie, Cheat
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Salena C says:
20 Jun, 2011 06:54 PM

wow almost the same thing i fellin love with my best friend n he cheated but actually so did i, only mine was a one night n it was a accident but he cheated for months n i finally met all the girls n we broke up n nw he dont remember me but i remember everything we had n everything

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