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You Promised...


17 Feb, 2017 10:16 PM

WARNING: not really that sad but just felt like sharing it...
It was the first day of freshmen year of high school, I was looking for some hot new kid cause I was bored of all the annoying and old people in my grade.

First period: no one

Second Period: no one

Third period: There he walks in, " he took my breathe away"

I turned to by bestie and said "he's so hot, he's mine." She said " ew wtf!." There was something about him I didn't like, I loved!! Was it his eyes, his hair, his voice, i don't know! My older sisters class was next to mine so, when the bell rang I ran to her and showed her his new boy. She also said "ew." I didn't care. When I went home my sister said that the new boy was in her study hall and she became friends with him. I was so happy! I talked about him 24/7. My sister and him started texting each other and face timing too always talking about me. My sister would tell me the juicy stuff he said about me.

It was really awkward at school seeing each other but, we highkey were staring at eachother. On day we finally started texting each other and talking. After weeks of talking he would always say "your hot " and shit like that he always acted like he cared about me. He always said " if we date we have to keep it low-key, u can't tell anyone, not even ur best friend." Even after that I still liked him. He still was a sweetheart and actually care about me. On October 14th 2016 he asked me out. We had never spoken at school, like in real life. The next morning, we went to school it was so awkward and weird we didn't even look at each other.

As soon as I got home I saw a text he said " sorry for how awkward it was today, we need to get more comfortable with each other." I agreed. We were texting and he was asking random questions and i was answering all of them with "only if we date" he said " we will, i promise." he kept saying it over and over again.

At the time I was get asked out by a lot of other guys but I wanted to be with my sweetheart.

one day we just randomly didn't txt each other and we just stopped, I don't know what happened. I should've said something. but I didn't. I could've done something. but I didn't. why I didn't is because he didn't. I would wait for text for 2 months but then i gave up.
Even at school he would try to stay away from me. It was surprising how he was still friends with my sister.

He told my best friend that we never dated ( we only dated for 20 hours, but it still counts) and that I kept staring at him. That made me mad, which is why I don't like him. Infact he didn't even have that many friends. I caught him staring at me like a million times. If only something happened differently we would've been together. But whats done is done. I have moved on. I low-key want him to be mine.He promised!!!. He will always be in my heart no matter how much I deny it. I still remember saying " we will, i promise." He lied ...

Tags: Lies, Hurt
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Kate says:
12 Apr, 2017 01:57 PM

it's hard to find someone who doesn't lie, sorry to tell ya

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Livie says:
14 Apr, 2017 03:18 AM

I like it

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jerce fuentes says:
08 May, 2017 03:52 AM

promise are made to be proven not to be broken

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