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Tru Caylao

29 Oct, 2016 02:26 PM

Hi my name is Tru and I have this friend, his name is Jamison. We just met this year but I new we had an instant connection. We hang out a lot in school and we talk over the internet at home. Everyday in band I would wait on him because I play a flute and he is a percussionist so it takes him longer to put all his stuff away.
Right as I we were about to leave one of my friends asked us if we were dating. Jamison just froze and my instant reaction was "no we aren't dating we're just friends." Jamison seemed kind of sad but I just didn't like him like that. As we walked out of the band room. He said "I do kind of like you though." It wasn't a surprise to me because I could already tell. My reaction was "You make it kind of obvious I already know."

We went on with our day he walked me to my next class, you know the normal. Then 3 hours later it is PE. Now me and all my friends (plus Jamison) have PE together. I know Jamison likes me, but I like this other guy name Dakota. Me and Jamison don't hang out during PE because my friends and him don't really care for each other. That day at PE I started dating Dakota and Jamison didn't know. He figured out and a few days wen't by without a problem.

Then a few days ago me and Jamison got into a huge fight. During the fight he told me he loved me. At that moment I was super confused because no one has ever told me they loved me. I also didn't get why he would tell me that. We didn't want to argue out loud so we were arguing on our computers but Dakota was right there and if he looked he could clearly see my screen.

So anyways he told me he loved me, I was shocked and then he decides to bring out of all people Dakota into this by saying. "Has Dakota ever told you he loves you for who you are and not what you look like."
Of course no because Dakota is that very socially awkward kid that is always telling me he's sorry for no reasoning at all.

Of course I got really mad and we argued more. Just as we were about to be fine again I said "That was horrible." and he said "I know you are." and then it was horrible again. Later on in our argument after I said something he said "I need you." I was really mad so I said "Well I have someone I don't need you anyways." From there we haven't talked we've only argued. The day before all of this I got mad at him and he jumped in front of a car. Then this happened and I haven't been able to get in touch with him. I'm really scared he did something to himself and I really need some help.

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Alhaad says:
19 Dec, 2016 04:47 PM

You shouldnt have done that. same thing happened with me when a girl i really loved spoke to me like you did with jamison. It must have torn apart his heart when you said that you dont need him. You were too rude.

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stofa says:
21 Dec, 2016 08:01 PM

xorry! thats all i can tell.

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kari says:
25 Apr, 2017 04:25 PM

you were harsh.....*cringes* i hope everything gets fixed

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