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The Worthless Gem

Sonikku The Nerd

30 May, 2016 03:37 AM

(I'm a guy so just imagine that is is happening in a Steven Universe episode but this actually happened)

It all started a long time ago in a school at HomeWorld. The gem named Ruby (me but not my real name) entered the first period classroom. He was a shy gem and rather wanted to work alone. His usual seat was the back corner of the classroom, which was kinda sad for everyone, but they didn't seem to care at all. Ruby was getting ready for class to start until he met...the most beautiful gem (person) he has ever seen!! She sat at the front of the room, which was kinda of a bummer for Ruby since he sat at the back. But he noticed that the new gem was a nerd too!!! Just like him!!! He would say to himself that at Lunch, he will talk to the new gem.

Lunch came. Every table was full except for the table in the corner of the cafeteria. Ruby was about to sit until he saw the new gem sitting at the table!! His hands were starting to sweat, he had butterflies in his stomach, he was blushing like crazy!!! He sat next to the gem and greeted her. "H-Hello...", Ruby said with some awkwardness. "...Hi..." The new gem said. "I'm Ruby...w-what's your name?" "Sapphire...", The new gem said in a shaky voice. Ruby was feeling kinda awkward about the situation. "Soooo....d-do you wanna hang out....", Ruby said in a nervous tone. "S-sure...I like that." Sapphire smiled shyly and got up to throw away the trash. Ruby was thinking that this was going well.

After school, Ruby and Sapphire were walking home together, until Sapphire asked "....R-Ruby...?" "Hmmm?" Ruby replied. "D-did you ever had a girlfriend before...?" Ruby blushed madly about the question, but replied anyway. "*sigh* Never...I'm just not good enough for any girl." Sapphire just looked at him, and grabbed his hand. "Don't say that...y-you are worth it..." And with that said, she kissed Ruby. He never had a first kiss before, but this...was something special. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her back. "You're just perfect to me.." Sapphire said. And with that. Ruby slept happily.

A year passed. Ruby was texting to Sapphire about Steven and Peridot dating (Hey I ship it XD) and she texted back, "They look so cuuuute together!!!" Ruby laughed so hard and replied with a lol. When Ruby went outside his home, he saw something that had changed him forever. He saw...his girlfriend...kissing another gem (boy)..... "S-Sapphire....?" Ruby said with tears in his eyes. "R-Ruby!!! T-This is not what it looks like!!!" "....I can't believe it....I actually thought that...I could find true I know...that I'm meaningless..." Ruby ran back to his house, shut the door and started crying.

A few months had passed. Sapphire did not recieve any replies from Ruby on Kik. Heck, she did not even seem him at school today. She asked his only friend if he has seen Ruby. "Sorry girl, haven't seen him today. He looked horrible!!! Slits, bruises,..." He was about to tear up and Sapphire ran to Ruby's house. "Ruby!!!!" She knocked on the door as hard as she could, but no answer. Sapphire broke the window, opened the door, and ran to Ruby's door until she found a note.

"To whom it may concern (nobody),
....I have had it with all of the bullshit in this world. Getting rejected, bullied...maybe everyone is right....even the girl of my dreams....I am worthless...I've always have been....but do not worry for me...all of you will be happy without me...
Ruby The Worthless Nerd..."

Sapphire had tears falling down. "R-Ruby...?" She opened the door....only finding the body of the poor nerd hanging on the ceiling. Slits, bruises, and a traced broken heart on his chest covered in stab marks and blood. She was paralized in fear and guilt. She fell on her knees and started crying loudly. "I'm sorry Ruby!!! Please forgive me!!!" But what she did not see was the corpse of the nerd smiling sadly, like he was saying, "I'm from the I can make everyone not existing..."

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Donald Trump says:
25 Jul, 2016 05:57 AM

Hey dude i don't mean to be rude but aren't you
dead already? If the boy died how did you write this story?? lied..this did not happen...(sarcastic laugh)

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May says:
06 Sep, 2016 10:06 PM

That happens to me once buy I didn't kill my self over a person I know life can be upsetting sometimes but you don't have to let people get your down just said thank you for Harding me just walk away you will find someone better than them just leave life

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Jordan says:
03 Oct, 2016 02:40 AM

Sorry for my english ahead of time.

It's not my place to say this but, when someone find there partner cheating it's hard so if I may one of my experences.

My last relation ship was six years long from age 16-22. I got some vidios from a close friend and he said he found them on the internet. I found that the vidios were that of here haveing intercorse with other me he gave me the website the oldest vidio was 3 years. Insted of writeing a story though basicly, What happonded was Iended our relationship got drunk evrynight to forget the pain. affter three mounths I quit my job I was liveing in a apartment building decided it was to much for me to take. I turned my music on and slit both my wrist affter drinking a fith. Next thing I new I woke in the hospital come to find the lady next door called cops because of the music.

So befor you try anything I will tell you there is no fellling more horrible than wakeing in the hospital affte trying to kill youself but, I guess i'm not the one to say right just sit down and think theres always someone there even if it is the last thing you would expect.

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Angel says:
10 Oct, 2016 04:35 PM

Fuck what people say I think this story is tucking and sad so anyone who thinks differently go to hell????

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