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Start of all Problems

Jerry m

15 Jan, 2013 06:24 PM

It started towards the end of my 5th grade year. My dad worked for the mortuary and was never home. He could be called to work at any moment and I didn't see him much but I was so close to him. He was the best father. He took me places. He has taken me to Wyoming, Utah, Nebraska,and Kansas. He took us to dinner and we would sit and play Xbox all day together. I miss him so much.

One night I saw my dad packing up some stuff. I went to his room and asked, " where are you going dad?" He looked at me and replied," I am going to the hospital," at the time me and him weren't exactly getting along. We had been fighting for days because I was bullied in school and hit the kid bullying me. He deserved it but he didn't think so. "why are you going to the hospital? Are you ok?" I asked. He zipped up the case and turned, "ya I just haven't been sleeping well and they are taking me to a hospital to make sure I am not having sleep deprivation" I smiled and walked off to finish cleaning the bathroom. When he left my mom walked in. " you can play Xbox I won't tell but be to bed early I am going to your aunts and your going to nana's. I smiled and jumped on the couch and played doom didn't sleep till 3am.

When I woke up I got into the car and went to my nana's. she is so nice she made me lunch and breakfast and we played hide and seek. I was having fun. Then scooby doo came on. It was my favorite show. I made ice cream and lied on ground eating it while my grandpa sat on couch. There was a knock on the door. I answered and there stood a police officer. My dad and me watched a lot of criminal movies so when a cop comes to a door it isn't good. He asked where my mom was I told him and then my grandpa walked up. He told me to go watch tv but I listened. They mentioned my dad and how he had a blood something. I couldn't hear the other word. I waited and acted normal. My mom came and I told her and she drove home. We got a call an hour later and I got in the truck with my grandma and grandpa. I knew something wasn't right...

We pulled up to may house and saw someone in a bag on a cot. My mom was in tears and my grandpa held me close. I struggled. My mom walked up and told me what happened. My dad had a blood claught. He died on our front yard. By the door. I cried and cried and got out of his grip and ran off. I was only 10 and didn't know where to go. I ran to my best friends I've known him since kindergarten. When I told him he freaked we both cried his dad came in and comforted us. My mom went off the deep end after that. Did drugs and became distant. For years I took care of myself with no help. No one there. My little sister was safe with my aunt me..... I wasn't. I was here trapped waiting for help.

There isn't a day I don't miss him. He was the best father ever. Last thing I said to him was I hate him. I messed up, made a mistake. Wish I could change it...

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Songo says:
14 Apr, 2013 04:10 PM

im crying puddles over hee y does it have to be so dang sad

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Grace95 says:
16 Apr, 2013 05:45 PM

Omg that is soo sad

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Griselda919 says:
08 May, 2013 08:06 PM

So sad:(

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