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I never said this to you.......


05 May, 2012 08:04 PM

This is based on a true story of my life on what happened to my little sister when she was around 18 or 19.
When I was 5, my sister was born.
We were super close, we would talk about what happened at school.
When she was 18, I think, She had a boyfriend.
My sister (Alex) and I were still really close, but when she went to a party with her boyfriend, it all changed.

At midnight, everyone was still awake, waiting for Alex to call or text us to pick her up.
At 1:00 a.m., my mom texted her non-stop for Alex to answer,my other sister (2 years younger than me), Alice, and my mom called her number, Alex's boyfriend answered, almost crying, he told them how Alex died of being stabbed, chocked, and murdered all at once, we rushed to the hospital,and saw Alex's boyfriend (Jake) waiting for us, about to burst into tears, he told us what room she was in. We all walked in at once and burst into tears. We saw Alex, laying there, motionless, bloody from head to toe, no joke. A nurse walked in and said how Alex wasn't going to make it. Jake said: "It was all my fault!! I got her in to this, i forced her to go to the party!"

We were mad, and sad, but easily, we forgave Jake for some reason, then Alice, Jake, and I started out of the room, crying and talking.
I wrote a note to Alex saying the following:

"To Alex:
You are the best and we as in your family will miss you forever.I never said this to you, but, I love you, Alex (from Alyssa and Alice, and other family members, and Jake).You will always be in our hearts, we will never forget you, and we hope the same with you, love you Alex!! Guess this is goodbye for now!
Alyssa (me), Alice, mom, dad, and Jake (your boy friend)

Her funeral was held about a week later,and my mom was pregnant at that point.Alex will always be in our hearts. I hope the day we die, we would meet alex again. :) / :( ....Someday, we (my family and Jake) will die. I hope to then meet Alex again and be with her.
But for now, I will wait for that moment to come! Usually, Alex, Alice and I will go on adventures together, but I guess, we will have to wait until we die to meet her again, so we can go on more adventures!!!!!

Then, we will all remember how much fun we had while we were still alive. Then we will go on more adventures, and be together, and have fun!
That sadly wont happen for a while...
Bye Alex!

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Sarah says:
12 Nov, 2012 04:14 AM

Im sorry ur story was sad but what happend at that party? Who really killed her?

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munir says:
15 Nov, 2012 12:13 PM

hw sd of uh guys... i feel sryy to uh...

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Addie says:
16 Nov, 2012 01:10 AM

Omg so sooty my sister died too I has heart broken

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