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Never Again


07 Jun, 2010 03:09 AM

He liked her for years. She ignored him , til one day when she realized what she was missing out on. Everyone knew they were meant for each other. During winter break they texted all day and all night. And she was falling inlove. She wanted to believe he felt the same way because of all the beautiful things he would tell and how special she felt when he touched her. He was her everything. And she waited everynight for 11:11 to come and she would wish he felt the same way. Her wish had came true , at last. Or so she thought. When school started again he barely said two words to her. That alone crushed her world much less seeing him with another girl. He had moved on and was flirting with other girls. While the one that really gave a damn about was slowly dying of a broken heart. Still, everyone could see how he looked at her and acted so shy when she came around. Eventually they drifted apart and she had left school to be home schooled. Atfer she left he became anti-social. And became the weirdest thing you could imagine. The girl had tried to forget him but hearing his name would make her break down and cry. She became strong and started to talk to boys again, even though deep down she was still in love. She had a with an excellent boyfriend that loved her so deeply. The girl was very much jelous of this realtionship. It wasn't in her nature to savatage it but somehow she did. Her and her friend's boyfriend had slept together. And she had lost her virginity to someone who she did not love. Her friend had found out about the affair and decided she did not want to be friends with someone who betrayed her so bad. The friend forgave her boyfriend and they continued happily. On the other hand the girl hadn't been feeling good. She ended up pregnant. She hasn't told anyone yet and doesn't plan on telling the father. She knows he wont be very supportive. Who she needs most is the one she truely loves. And she wonders, how could I loose someone so perfect. How could he let me go and expect me to live. Because now she is carrying the baby of a man who has no feelings for her. And she dreams about being in the situation with the man she loves because she knows deep down in his heart he loves her and this baby. And when she returns to school next year he would see him again but nothing will ever be the same because he'd feel like he's been betrayed by her for having a baby for another man at such a young age. She's lost him forever. And there's nothing she can do about it now.

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