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Loving Online is BAD

Trinaa Anna

26 Apr, 2010 10:18 PM

Well, basically my friend met a guy somewhere in a hotel and they started talking on the net. They were really good friends, and they knew how to flirt. He kept on asking her to show him her body on the cam, and she kept on saying no. Once I was at her house and she told me all about him, the next week me and him started talking. He kept on asking me to show him my body on the cam, and I... I did it. I showed him, not that I was thinking what I was doing .. I showed it. I just wanted to make someone feel good. And always he started the conversation like this "sooooo, when do I get the prize" or something like this. Then my friend got really upset about him and me. We blocked him and we stopped talking to him. Then in two months my friend thought it would be fun to be mean to him (he was 19 btw). So I started talking to him again. The second day I was really mean too, and he said "You are making my life shit, so I will make your life shit in a few seconds" I was thinking "today Im so happy, so no1 can make my life shit at the moment" but he did! He said "tonight you will show me your body! If not I will send every single person on facebook that you know the video of you naked!" I got really scared! But now I dont know what to do! Me and my friends called the police and they said if he really does something like that we have to come to the police station!

P.S. This is a real story! I beg you! If you are a girl who likes to go on the internet and shows guys their body just stop it! Because the next thing you can get to know is that there are videos of you naked on the internet

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lyka says:
25 May, 2010 10:33 AM

OMG! ...tsk tsk tsk careful.....

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Munna says:
20 Oct, 2010 02:11 PM

Well this to me is not so shocking, to tell u, one guy tried doing this to one of my friend and then the next day she was crying and she told me everything, then guess what i did, he can't walk and his one eyes is gone, and also i broke his right hand....then i took him to the cops and told them this is what he did and when she tried speaking with him he tried rapping her then i came to her resque and broke him up like this.....this is true what i did.......

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kawthar says:
24 Dec, 2011 07:14 AM

first of all munna above my comment is soooo stupid and made me laugh alot...and second of all NOBODY SHOULD TRUST PEOPLE ON THE NET TRUST ME DONT BE STUPID alot of people go online and lie....

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username-unknown says:
31 Mar, 2013 10:14 AM

you can trust a person on the internet.. just not at the beginning of course.

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Meghna says:
09 Sep, 2017 01:42 PM

Oh Pls.... This is what I am having a trouble to deal with so long... I met a guy online, and then he confessed love to me... I was so immature then. However I freaked out, I told him not to break the boundaries of a frnd... But like he was ever going to listen... He tried smut with me and I was victimised... Next I blocked him... Thank god, I didn't send him any pic or something... But those texts and my immaturity affected my performance in school and I scored really awful... I am still struggling to forget about those but I actually can't, worst I can't discuss this with anyone ... So red alert... NEVER EVER RESPOND A FLIRTATION ONLINE AND BEWARE WHEN U BEFRIEND A GUY...BACK OFF WHENEVER U SMELL A RAT...:/

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