What will I Do Without Your Love

Jerry Harrenstein

Just as things get sweet
you back down again
leaving me to ponder if 
this is the end.
When I think we are going 
to meet my heart skips a beat
and capturing your love would 
be something to cherish and keep.

Now you are fading out of view
and I do not know what to do.
When I last looked into your eyes
you began to cry and with hesitation
I wondered if I saw a lie.
Then I began to cry.
Do I go on without knowing, or do I
let my heart say I must be going?

My pain is so deep
I can not even sleep.
The days are getting shorter
and my love is going in that order.
Time is near my dear
and I must make things clear.
Perhaps a smile, or your gentle touch.
Would that be asking too much?

Loving you is all I want to do
and that is not hard for me to do
especially when it is someone like you.
I believe in love and you too, but 
without your love what will I do?
What will I do without you...
Tags: Sad, Unloved
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