You Stay With Me

Ricky Martin

Met you underneath the moon 
Night was over much too soon 
We shared a kiss till daylight came 
And kissed the night goodbye 
When the sun came up that day 
We smiled and went our separate ways 
But I can't leave the thought of you behind 

[CHORUS:] Oh, you stay with me 
You stay with me Oh, in my heart 
And on my mind Oh, like a melody that keeps haunting me 
Oh, you stay 

I look inside the small cafes 
And hope by chance I'll see your face I hear your voice and realize 
It's just the summer wind 
Something in your eyes that night 
Swept away this heart of mine 
Now I just want you in my arms again 


How was I to know in that one night 
My whole life would change 
From the moment I looked in your eyes I've never been the same 
And if I could have one chance to have that 
Moment back again I'd never let it end I'd never let it end 

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