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i think im in love


12 Jul, 2010 07:20 PM

I'm fifteen years old and about to become a freshman, but I'm story really starts when i was thirteen and a sixth grader in middle school. One of my best friend has a step brother that I knew he liked me. When i found out he liked me I thought about it and realized i liked him. I texted him of course and tried to be all cute and stuff, i guess, but it worked. I would text him everyday and later that year my friend decided to take my phone and ask him out for me. He answer with "i don't know. i just got out of a relationship." Yea i was upset. So we called him and he said that he was going to walk over to my house. When we walked outside he was standing right there. I didn't really know what to say or do so... [Read More]

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Just Friends


11 Jul, 2010 06:21 AM

I dont get it, everytime that someone hurts him he come running to me.I mean im sick of this,I just want him to know that i love him so much and i dont want us to be just friends.He already knows that i like him,but i dont think that he likes me back, yeah he said he does but i dont believe him,im not that gulliable. It hurts when he said i love you and i know that he just loves me AS A FRIEND.And now i heard that he's planning to court his ex girlfriend again. I mean doesnt he get tired?!? and when this girl will broke up with he's gonna come back running to me again?i dont wanna be the rebound or the one he comes running to when his heart got broken.I wanna be the one who he'll love forever and i will never ever hurt... [Read More]

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