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My friends


26 Aug, 2010 06:24 AM

Story begins about a year ago. I was still in high school. I had everything I wanted. I had close friends. Two of them were really close to me, and I considered them my best friends. One of them was a boy, and one of them was a girl. As time passed I grew closer to both of them, the guy became like a brother to me, and I fell in love with the girl. Everything went well, and I thought she was in love with me as well. She gave me hints all the time, we kissed, she cried on my shoulder. Of course I told my best friend everything about her, how much I liked her. Me and him were hanging out every single day, he wouldn't leave till it got really late, say 4am. Days continued like this, and I fell in love with her more and... [Read More]

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22 Jul, 2010 07:40 PM

I met this guy through my gay friend. i just asked what's his name and I didn't expect that my friend would give him my number to let him text me. I was so shocked when he text me that day, but my friend said that he's nice so i befriended him. OK, to make the story short, we get along just fine, we became closer as the days go by, we chat almost everyday. Then one day we went to the mall with our friends and suddenly I felt something different inside me when accidentally our eyes met, I'm definitely falling in love with him. I can't fool myself so I made up my mind that night that I will tell him about my feelings soon. But just that next afternoon, he told me that he broke up with his girlfriend that day so I end up comforting him.... [Read More]

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A love that was Sealed in my Heart


11 Jul, 2010 01:59 AM

I'm Bradella but my friends call me Brandy; I am 14 years old and a sophomore. I am the average kind of girl; I'm not popular however I got good grades in all my subjects. But honestly I hate school. I only have few friends whom I can trust; I am not new to my school hence I've been studying there for 8 years since my first grade. I'm just not the out-goer type, I am shy-I just stay at home during Saturdays and Sundays and even during holidays. I don't also attend much to parties even if they had invited me. Let me start my story during the opening of school; I enter my school with my small bag filled with a paper, a notebook and a ball pen. It always been like that during first days, we don't go on with classes immediately, we use that day to... [Read More]

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loosing a loved and boyfriend

terri-jo linklater

23 May, 2010 07:14 PM

one day i met up with a really nice looking guy that looked like the boy i met when i was younger and i found out that was him and we stared hanging out and it was love at first sight , started going out for almost a year probably about 11 and a half months between those months i lost a good friend , she had committed suicide , broke my heart and couldnt stop crying until i would see him , i kept my head high for him , just to see him happy every day . probably around new years (09) i went to his house while he was babysitting his little cousin , and before i left his house i kept on telling him " i love you soo much " and he kept on telling me " i love you more " , and he... [Read More]

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Loving Online is BAD

Trinaa Anna

26 Apr, 2010 10:18 PM

Well, basically my friend met a guy somewhere in a hotel and they started talking on the net. They were really good friends, and they knew how to flirt. He kept on asking her to show him her body on the cam, and she kept on saying no. Once I was at her house and she told me all about him, the next week me and him started talking. He kept on asking me to show him my body on the cam, and I... I did it. I showed him, not that I was thinking what I was doing .. I showed it. I just wanted to make someone feel good. And always he started the conversation like this "sooooo, when do I get the prize" or something like this. Then my friend got really upset about him and me. We blocked him and we stopped talking to him. Then... [Read More]

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