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Dreaming of you


23 Jun, 2011 09:57 PM

Is this reality? I can't believe what I saw just now. Why must you end up this way? You stole my heart and now, you're breaking it. How could you be so mean to me? I still feel and remember how you hug me and whisper to my ear, "Baby, if anything happen to our relationship, promise me you won't give up on us." and you kissed my forehead. From that moment, I suspect there's something bad going to happen either to you, or me. I guess, it's true tho. Tears running down my cheek, the cheek that you've kissed before leaving it like a scar to me. As I was cleaning up my room, I saw the picture of us. The picture we first meet at the beach. How I wish I can touch your black hair, your fine face, hear your heart beating when I hugged you and... [Read More]

Tags: Lonely, Heartbreak, Betrayed, Love, Crying, Miss, You
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