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The Deaths of World War 2

Cha Cha

16 Apr, 2010 06:34 PM

Love can be a complicated emotion. Especially if you're the one experiencing it. Soemtimes, heart-break can be life-shattering. The reason we were placed upon this Earth was so we could reproduce, and carry on the human race. We have abused that power. We have sex for pure pleasure of doing it. It makes some people feel special, important. True, some women aren't ready to get impregnated yet. We should wait until we're around 30 years of age before we settle down to have children. We should enjoy the gift of youth while it is suitable. The following story is an example of why such a rule should be followed: Explosions came from nearby. I ran, sobbing, over the lawn, hating myself for being so weak as to run. But knew I couldn't do it. Army training hadn't been easy, but I'd gotten through it. Now, it was the real thing.... [Read More]

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22 Mar, 2010 02:15 PM

Once I fell in love with a boy called Cameron. He was so perfect in my eyes, and seemed to be just right for me. Unfortunately, he didn't love me back, and told me he wasn't ready for a lasting relationship. My heart was breaking, but I kept smiling, and I told him that I understood. He looked at me with those big, brown eyes, and smiled at me. Then, he walked away. A few days later, he came up to me and pushed me over very hard. I fell backwards and sprained my left wrist, but I never showed how much it hurt. He called me a few horrible names, spat on the floor next to me and walked away again. I felt horrible, rejected, and the worst part was that I never knew the reason why he did it. I waited until the next day, and realized that... [Read More]

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The ticket that changed it all


10 Dec, 2009 05:45 PM

Delilah was everything a guy wanted, she was pretty, funny, smart. All Delilah wanted was someone to love her. She found this guy online. His name was Tim. Their lives were both bad but they had eachother. Over time they came to know eachother much more their love grew more than anyone would have thought. 5 years later Delilah earned enough money to get a flight to where the boy lived. He was at Virginia Beach, and she was in Canada. She bought a plane ticket and they arranged to meet that very same day. Tim drove to the airport right when they arranged to meet and the exact place.... as he waited he read on the airport t.v "A devistating crash of the plane from Toronto Canada to Virginia Beach has just been reported" He broke down in tears knowing that was her flight. He went home.... got a... [Read More]

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