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The Cathartic Nature of Sad Music

11 Jul, 2016 03:41 AM
Popular music tends to fall into two wide (and generalised) categories): it is either the kind of music you want to dance to, and listen to when you are partying with your friends or, it is soulful and heart-breaking ballads that make you want to think, reminisce about loves that you have lost, and have a good cry.
There is nothing wrong with crying when listening to sad music: in fact, it isa common and natural response. What you may not realise however is that crying in these circumstances can actually be cathartic, helping to stabilise your emotions and, ultimately release hormones that make you feel happier and more well-balanced. This is supported by research from a study into our complicated emotional responses to sad music,conducted by researchers at the Free University of Berlin in Germany.They interviewed 772 music lovers from around the world and found that rather than making... [Read More]
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