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i hate cheaters...tsk
what a careless family
how could they,,that is very inhumane
:( so sad....i can't believe it could happen in reality..this kind of love story
cute love story but how tragic the ending was..hope u're ok
very sweet brother...reminds of my brother to..but hope he won't get sick.. and hope you are not sad anymore..as what he said..you must go on..he's always there guiding you all
love it ehh...smile
agree with phunny...love is never a love if there's no trust
really bad..yeah i agree with misha
great story....made me miss my dad who's already gone....he's so sweet
oh...and now i'm sad..i cud really relate to your story...hope y'll be fine always..as what bri wants u to be..and cheers coz YOU listened to her...