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i cried while reading this...i'm very sorry for your loss, but she was very lucky to have a friend like you, who cared for her so much.
i just died a little inside from reading this is very sad yet heartwarming at the same time, thanks for sharing the story
you've been through a really tough time but since has been so hard for you behind the dark wall happiness awaits you so dont give up!
when i first started to read i lost myself in your world and believe me it's truley beautiful, i will pray for Sam to go to heaven and for your happiness as well and for the two of you to meet. please do keep on living for Sam's sake =)
i'm so sorry for your loss, but i think you are very brave to be able to keep on waiting for him.
i went throgh the same thing as you ecsept i confessed to him and he rejected me, i knew that he was going to reject me anyway but my feelings for him is the same way you feel..i respect you alot, to be able to give yourself another chance in love, don't ever give up in love, it will surely find you somedaay... =)
relly almost made me cry
i can relate to the quote and the picture and i think that rain is like a always comforts people
Quote: its hard to say good bye when u rea...
that's really hard...i would know...but sometimes the only thing we have left are goodbyes