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sad, death, separation, missing, friendship, music video

If something should happen

video song of a guy having a private talk with his best friend. He's about to have a life threatening surgery, and he's pleading with his best friend to look after his wife and make sure his son knows about him if he doesn't come through it alive.

Tags: Sad, Death, Separation, Missing, Friendship, Music Video
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sad, breakup

I'll Remember You

Tags: Sad, Breakup
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sad, race, struggle, cry

Don't Give Up

An inspiring video of an athlete trying to finish his race through pain

Tags: Sad, Race, Struggle, Cry
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sad, emo, alone, suffering, music video


Tags: Sad, Emo, Alone, Suffering, Music Video
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sad, death, separation, love, pain

The one that got away

Tags: Sad, Death, Separation, Love, Pain
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sad, death, separation

The Champ (ending scene)

The very sad ending of the 1979 movie champ....

Tags: Sad, Death, Separation
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children, death, sad, tears, cry, sadness

Concrete Angel

Tags: Children, Death, Sad, Tears, Cry, Sadness
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sad, death, tears

Saddest Death Scenes

Ten saddest death stories from different movies.....

Tags: Sad, Death, Tears
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sad, death, departed, missing

Fate of war

about the peoples died in Ukraine in WWII...a really heart touching piece of art......

Tags: Sad, Death, Departed, Missing
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Sad Bullying Video That Might Make You Cry

The movie is called "Älska mig" Here is part 1 with Eng subs. The movie? has 6 parts.

Tags: Sad, Bullying
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