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love, parents, hurt, sad


A short film about how our parents loved us and how we should be treating them......

Tags: Love, Parents, Hurt, Sad
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children, death, sad, tears, cry, sadness

Concrete Angel

Tags: Children, Death, Sad, Tears, Cry, Sadness
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sad, emo, alone, suffering, music video


Tags: Sad, Emo, Alone, Suffering, Music Video
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sad, death, separation, love, pain

The one that got away

Tags: Sad, Death, Separation, Love, Pain
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sad, race, struggle, cry

Don't Give Up

An inspiring video of an athlete trying to finish his race through pain

Tags: Sad, Race, Struggle, Cry
Votes: 5
sad, death, separation

The Champ (ending scene)

The very sad ending of the 1979 movie champ....

Tags: Sad, Death, Separation
Votes: 4
sad, breakup

I'll Remember You

Tags: Sad, Breakup
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sad, death, tears

Saddest Death Scenes

Ten saddest death stories from different movies.....

Tags: Sad, Death, Tears
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sad, death, departed, missing

Fate of war

about the peoples died in Ukraine in WWII...a really heart touching piece of art......

Tags: Sad, Death, Departed, Missing
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sad, cry, parents, sadness


Tags: Sad, Cry, Parents, Sadness
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