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well practically its your fault...but then i cant say its your fault since there is no such word called being practical in love...its a feeling and everything else is based on that one him up..tell him wot you told US now....i am sure he will understand... let me know if you need any further help...i will help you out! my email is
Dude i dunno if m rite or wrong n i dont really care....she does love you n dere is one DAMN reason for which she aint confessing it...fite for her n yu will know it....most likely i think tht yu mite hav not shown any seriousness in the relation...Brother she is dere...rite infront...she is not gone...go and grab your love befor its too late! contact me on i will help yu out...!!
I am sorry about your loss brother but don't blame yourself for it. God Bless You!
I am really sorry about your loss Callista. If you ever need any help just mail me on & i wil always be there. I cant ask you to move on as it has been over 3 yrs for me and i still can't but would surely say - He wasn't your Destiny, You deserve some one much better. God Bless You!


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