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Thanks a bunch for reading guys! I still don't understand this thing of "love". but I'm learning. Its going to take time and I know in the end everything will be okay, because if its not okay then its not the end. =) Thanks again Everyone
@ Ronelza: Actually instead of deciding to hate her and not be her friend, I decided to be her friend; Even if I couldn't be the main part of her life atleast she will remember me for something; So now we are very good friends; Thanks a bunch though; She went back to her old boyfriend but they broke up, so now she needs me as her true friend to tell me things and it hurts me but thats okay if she doesn't know then its alright. =)
Thanks;; This is a slow process but yeah
Hey;; I think you should tell him;; the worst thing to do is to have words in your heart you can't say;; you never know, he might like you back. Even if he don't atleast you got something out of yor chest.