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Name: Maya
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About Me: I'm an 18 year old girl, from lebanon. I like sharing what I feel on here, and loving read people's replies. Helps me a lot. (I'd rather keep other stuff a mystery ;) ) And Maya isn't my real name ;o
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@ Nash - People are like that I guess. But worry not ! You'll find the perfect girl for yourself. I wouldn't say Nicolas took advantage of me, but till this day ( It's been more than a year that he treats me this way ) I'm still hurt by him. He just doesn't realise what he's missin'
Oh lord. This is bullshit. I feel so sorry for you. And if I were in your place, I'd call the police for Domestic Violence. After that, you could have gone the way you wanted. I'm sure the guy you loved could take excellent care of you. I know how you're feeling, it's like you can never get over him. I'd say, try to get into contact with him again online, and maybe some day, you have a chance to go back to him and stay with him forever. PS. DITCH THAT STUPID ARRANGED HUSBAND.
Awww, now you're makin' me jealous. Go with him. He sounds like a very very sweet heart. ;D
Thanks guys for reading and telling me how you feel ! I'm trying my best to overcome this, and what you said made me better. Thank you :)


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