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Name: Adrienne
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About Me: no one cares about me, that's been made clear. so why am I even here? why do I deserve to live at all??? </3
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wow, reading this I actually cried! you reminded me so much of someone who is so special to me but who also wants nothing to do with me. breakups and relationships suck, especially when the person who breaks your heart was once your closest friend :(
I feel this way constantly, its hard not to when someone has ripped out your heart and stomped on it.
she is just another angel that this cruel world has broken </3
Sweetheart, i know how you feel. those scaars dont define you! they reprisent what you have been through but they will never change you if you let them. everyone deserves to feel special, wanted, loved and overall perfect in their own way. you just have to look at youself through different eyes, find your own perfection and embrace it <3


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