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Don't just tell somebody to stop loving the other person. Love is blind. He probably knows she doesn't deserve his love and he wants to move on, but it's not that easy. It needs time. Time heals all wounds. If you want to cheer up somebody, tell him he deserves better, tell him the other person doesn't deserve him, but never tell somebody to stop loving somebody. He will eventually stop loving her, but neither him, nor you can speed up the process.
Why the hell does your story look like somebody has written the ending of my story? Except I am the guy who fell in love with another girl and hates himself for every argument and is about to break up. It's sad to think you girls seem to not even try to understand that break up after a long relationship is really painful for the guy too. And if he could, he would do it in a way that won't hurt you at all. Well, in fact you girls saying "you deserve better" is exactly my thoughts. When I stop
The story would make people cry. Really. But the problem is, gramatical mistakes sometimes make the story hard to understand.


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