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u have very deep feelings.. its good that u decided to finaly let them out.. it reminds me of how i felt once upon a time.. i dnt kno how i got through it. i just kno that i did.. have faith... things always get better, even though in the beggining we dnt think they do.. since for some of us, instead of getting better, they get worse.. find someone to talk to, let it all out! goodluck:)
to: "riya tiwari"- im not tryin to critisize u honey, buh how can u read this story and juat say that.. she needs counsoling more than a comment on her story. to: who ever wrote this story- honey, dnt worry.. u might feel like this now, but once you get to highskool, for sure, ull meet a better guy than him.. he sounds great, but dnt waste ur time with a guy that admited that he haves no interest for u.. trust, i have been through the same, and wen i finaly decided not to waste my time i felt
love is like that.. sometimes, if we really love the person and want them to be happy, we have to let them go.. Im sorry to say so, she seems like a great girl, but things dnt always work out.. try ur best to forget her.. it wont b easy (thats for sure) but life goes on.. we juss have to decide if we want to move on with it or if we want to stay in the past.. good luck:)
ppl need to stop being rude!!!!!... im happy for u.. dats great.. but did things ever work out at the end?.. wat reaction did ur bestfriend have?.. u mentioned dat u guys dated for many years.. does dat mean u guys ended breakin up?


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