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argsggscg!!! i hate that. i really loved my ex and i was told i always made her laugh and i maDe eveRYTHING fEEL BETTER. BUT I ASKED HER IF SHE EVER LOVED ME AND SHE SAID NO.... :,( and sorry caps lock
and im sure i started to cut myself after i met her. i picked it uo frim her cause she told me it made the pain feel better
ouch... really messed up. what a bitch your friend is
Freaking keyboard spelled stuff wrong. Brewing was supposed to be breaking
The fact that he said no to ever loving you is probably a way of hm not to feel guilt.he probably still has feelings for you despite that he say he didn' ex did that to me and when I asks her closest friends if she vr loved me they said she really did.I somewhat felt better but then seeing her with another guy just makes me wanna get on my knees and scream. She is always so happy with him. And when I was with her she said I was the best bf she ever had. Then she started
Well bout the cutting part.I know what you're feeling. My knife is like my frend whenever I'm sad. Sometimes I wish I just died instead...and the stalker dude.just tell him to fuck off. Make him feel worthless. He'll, either leave you alne. Or he might even die.