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SOOO SAD:( But thank you for sharing. it really was wonderful:)
WOW! This was such a good story! No joke! Best father daughter story ever!... It made me cry so much! :') Loved it! <3
Oh my goodness, this really made me cry! Like, I was crying for hours, and I also listened to the song "I loved her first" by Heartland, and i love that song!!!! Its soooo sweet!!!!!!! :D
Awwhhhh, I loved this story sooo sooo much... thanks for sharing! :))))
Awwhh, I hope you are okay.
Oh my, this is my most all time favorite movie ever! No joke! I love this movie so much and I cry EVERYTIME I watch it. No other movie is better than this! :)
O my,, what a jerk.. He doesn't deserve to be loved by anyone!! I'm glad you found someone else that loves you. :)
Oh my.. :-( I really hope you are okay. Dont worry, your mother is now in a better, safer place :)
yayayayayayayayay!!! lol i dont think i will find mii tru one...already got broken hearted twice...anyway luv ya too girlie girl..=))))=)))=))!!!!!111!!!!one!!!one1111!!!!!one!!!! lmao...!
well ur sweeter than sweetie sweet!! lol!! i will def tell u when i find the one!! hopefully it will come soon!!!!!!! and ya lets def keep in touch!!!luv ya luv ya luv ya!!!!!!!!1111one11!!1111one!!1!!!1111!! lol!
Quote: My fav. qoute: "It's funny how a...
awww i luv that quote too!! so cute and very true!!! i felt it lots of times!! cutest quote!!! =) -Lexi
ur welcome!! thx! ur so sweet too!! luv ya and im so happy for u!!! luv ya! =) -Lexi
oh honey that is so sad dont worry i was part of a bet once..the guy i liked, liked me back and we went out for a few days then one of mii friends told me i was part of a bet..if the guy went out with me he would get 75 bucks from one of his pals..i was so pissed but dont worry guys like that dont deserve to have a gf cuz they r just stuck up losers and douches and bitches and pieces of shit who dont have anything better to do in their lives so they
sorry about mii bad language just so mad about what he did to u how he treated u like shyt and hurt u hes such a douche..sorry again!! =) -Lexi
ok just take care of ur baby..thats what matters most and forget about that piece of dog crap u call ur bf hes a douche get over him he doesnt deserve u someday u will find the rite guy who will treat u rite dont worry hes out there somewhere good luck! =) -Lexi
omg im like crying so hard rite now..u have no idea..omg so sad dont worry love will find ur wayy soon and just remember he is in a better place now...bless you and alex forever and always!=) -Lexi
wow!! adorable!! so glad that u two are together..im mite cry now..hope ur love stays strong!! mii heart goes out to both of u!! =) -Lexi
luv the story..well in my opinion, i think u should go out with zac cuz do you really want to have a bf that you dont "love"? i mean, even though zac is older, age doesnt matter, its just 3-4 years apart. so when he's 27, you'll be 24..thats not much of an age difference..but anyways, just do what ur heart tells u..good luck!=) -Lexi
o my g! i was reading this and i was like wondering if it was gonna end happy like you two were going to end up being good friends or something but once i read what he did to you, that broke my heart! omg im lie tearing up rite now im not even joking. dont worry ur not alone i am in the similar situation, the guy i like doesnt like me back...i know it can be hard sometimes but you just have to accept it..dont worry someday u will find the rite guy who will treat u rite..stay
o my g! that story is very touching! my heart stopped for like 2 seconds! it was crazy! omg that is so sad and it really makes you think. =)