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Thanks Miles :)
@All Thanks for all the Love and care, I appreciate that All though it took me nearly 3 yrs to get over with Dan's death, time eventually played its role and am partially getting over with it. @Lilith Thanks for the concern @Ree day by day am getting strong @Bad Commentator Dan would do that @Sino You will get someone who loves you , for just the way you are @Archibald and @Melyn Yes I know and again to all thanks for all your concern. It meant a lot to me.
i aint sure how yu wuda handled it , i just feel like a zombie after reading that and typing now , yu shuda given her a chance but LOVE always fails in one way or the other , am partially cryin now , yu'da wantd second chances of wanting her alive wel kinda same thing happend to me yu can see that in my profile , lyk yo Sam was my Dan .. LOVE SUCKS !
Oh My God i have neva read anything like that as of now , did yu just write that ? yu are one hell of a creativity gifted gal/guy , just like yur name suggests i love you :)
Rodrigo your story seems sad too :( y does thing go on lyk this ? :|
huh gal ? yu gonna treat dis guy well wen he turns his back to yu afta hurtin more gals ? jus wait for time to heal pain ( experiance tok ) , yu seem to do just fine widout him , der is dis spcl sumone for yu , so jus wait fo him to sweep yu off ;) ATB !
Love ain't blind frnd it just makes us go so ! Yu probably jus have an infatuation .. ( the age prob ) der r betta guys than him in dis world -- yu'll noe dat once yu grow out of crushes , always der is dis spcl sumone waiting for yu , trust me :) so neva loose hope .. ATB :)