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Kindom of Depression


07 Sep, 2011 09:17 AM
wet, abandoned, rejected, sorrow, depressed, depression, sad, sadness, alone, loner
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Rowin Edward says:
01 Jul, 2012 10:19 AM

I was friend with a girl who loved a boy extremly..... They were neighbor and grow up one district and as one home, they were walking together, eating together, reading together and were dressing identical clothes, some times peaple were saying they are twins... They were class-mates and mostly stay together, but one day the boy's familly got a job at New York and decided to move there... He came to the girl and said: " Rowin, look at the sky the stars are together and shinning... May i tell you some thing?" she was looking him and she suddenly tears run out her eyes and said with feeble voice... " I know that you're going never coming back, i know it's not far New York to reach but it will be when you go there, i know you cant leave me alone but you will make it to me"... The boy was shivering and he was accepted that she's telling true and he said " memory lasts forever to me and never does it die and true friend stay together never say me goodbye"... Next day was michael's departing and she said to him... ' i'll wait you as i waits my death'...
She was her 7th grade, 8th grade ended with out him, 9th grade ended with out him, 10th grade ended with out him, 11th ended with out him and last month was her 12 grade ending with out him.... I asked what she believe to him and she said to me: ' he departed and never come back, he departed and never call back he departed and i waited and waiting and will wait as i promised, not matter how long it will take and how long it is i'm still in love with him'.

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