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my pappy (not my grandpappy) he told me once that wearing flipflops as a male figure was unmasculine. but i think it looks good on that boy. that depresso chick needs to get a right mind like mine. grandpappy agrees that flipflops are good looking on boys. that chick needs to understand that her ex looks his best
back in the day stuff like this was frowned upon. my grandpappy thinks it best to cry you eyes and ears out rather than chop them off.
i climbed a lighthouse once. my teacher, whom i kissed and is dead now took me up there. i nearly fell. but he saved me and kissed me. but now he is dead
this makes me feel as though my grandpappy is in a better place... i miss him. we used walk on the beaches together and play with kittens... my mother finds it distracting to play with kittens and remember walking along the beach. i gotta pee. god bless grandpappy.
thats so touching... may i add... i have to pee


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