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Name: Sheri
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About Me: Just a teenage girl in a perfect relationship with a guy who lives so far away. I cut and ive attempted suicide well over ten times... and i have cuts all alone my body from the neck down to my thighs, i have no reason to live really and i hope my story gets around for when i end it all... the only reason im still here is becuase the love of my life... he has always been there for me
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Hi im Sheri, im 15 right now and i know EXACTLY how you feel. I have blonde hair blue eyes, expect me to be popular right now? No im really not... i like to stay in the shadows. I have a boyfriend. He is the only reason im currently alive, heh maybe we can be friends. Maybe you can know my story a bit more. But ive always been called boring so i dont expect much, im even a dragon artist... self taught art skills. But yet again *manages to fake a smile once more* my life is boring. So