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Name: Kira
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About Me: I have 23 tattoo's plan on getting more. I love anime. Love anything that deals with vampires, zombies, and devil. Favorite poets are Edgar Allen Poe and William Shakespeare. Favorite movie is Dracula Untold. Favorite tv show is the Walking Dead. Favorite anime is Death Note (even though the manga ending is better).
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I have never heard of this band before so how the HELL was I know that it was parts of a song! Just because they are a well known band doesn't mean anything. I just wrote how I felt so it does mean that I came up with the poem. I'm not going to change it just because you don't like it. They already approved this poem so if you don't like it you can go fuck yourself!
Jason I have never heard of Blue October so how can I steal something from someone I never heard of. If their are similarities then who cares, I wrote this in my journal when I was 17 years old and I didn't find out about this site and others like it until a few months ago. If you don't like what I posted when don't read what I post ever again!


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Poem: Make It Go Away