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Thank u jaspreet
Hmmmmmm thank u Sami...
Living alone is better than living with fake people ... At the end it hurts most ... And Aditya Dev love is painful in the start ... The time you understand each other it become your life and ever lasting happiness....
samrat dnt b sad .. sometime love is happiness n sometime it is painfull...:)
doNT Wory if itx yourz it will come back to you triasha....
you can Sketch it ..:)
hmmmmMmm Dionne Sturdy-Clow..
Ohhh don't be sad himani... Itz gona be all right..
Thank u sambit kumar....
hmmmm yes mragendra mishra..
hmmMmm alma ...!!!
thankxx Broken angel..
Dont be sad ANGEL JASS .. itx gonna be all right ..
Tears are the words from heart that cant be spOken ...
Very nYc pic..