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Sometimes in order to not fall apart you have to let go of what keeps you together.
- Anonymous
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--sometimes..even the most seemingly perfect love story ends..and the hard part is you just can't help yourself when you think of him as your evrything..ur life begins to be not normal without his presence..
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You were the first person to let me know how important I am. You were the first person who held me really special. You were the first person to love me this great. And the person who sacrificed his feelings for my own good. I don't want this love to be wasted. If we are really for each other, I'll be happy. If not I'll still remain happy for I have met a wonderful person like you.
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Let the rain flow and mask my tears, for they were only yours to see.
when nothing goes right
i thought you'd be there
when i looked in the light
i realized you didn't care
you've moved on, i guess ill do the same
its just harder for me, cause we went separate ways
i loved you, i thought u did too
The real question in life isn't whether you'll be loved, it's whether you can take the hurt afterward
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you said i was "the one" but now your with another girl and you will never look back and see what you have done to me.
When we broke up, I tried to move on. I tried asking other guys out, but I found every time I started hanging around with them, they weren't what I thought. I guess I set them up to where they were equal with you, yet they were nowhere close. and i miss you
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In the note you left me it read "I did it so that you could be happy." I'm all grown up now and I'm still waiting to be happy...
If my heart would be like a paper,I would write the name of the person I loved and then erase it and have a clean sheet that wouldn't hurt.
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