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My Life and my everything


16 Sep, 2010 05:07 AM

i was in 4th grade when i fell in love, it was in the month of july when we were having a culmination program for the nutrition month, my friend jannica had a crush on a grade 6 student , who was going to perform a dance presentation, so i asked her to point the guy that she liked, and i said " ohh, that guy, i already saw him, he's ugly!".. but after the program when our class already started, i was feeling kinda weird, and it came up to my mind about the guy that my friend liked, i was thinking, that he's kinda cute though, then from that moment , i was always thinking about him, with out wondering that i was already falling for him, when it was lunch we had a choir practice at our school for the upcoming mass, i was so surprised to see 'HIM' in the choir practice, and later on i already knew that he was a part of it, so i was so happy that i told my friends that i have a crush on him, and they were all giggling, and laughing, and they were always teasing me. then later on i found out that his name was gelbert, then i was so shy when ever i see him, then it was already august, and my secret was already scattered, so gelbert and his friends and the whole grade 6 batch already knew, and they kept teasing me, and i was always blushing, then sometimes i hear bad comments from him about me, saying that i am ugly, i was so sad, and i felt like im in hell, well, many days passed, we were a little bit close, and we teased each other and me and my friends made code names for our crushes, then it was already march, I'm so afraid that I'll loose him cause he will be graduating in a few days, so i was so sad, and finally he graduated, i was so crushed, then summer came, grade 5 came, he's not already there, i miss him so much :( but then i heard a great news that he and my cousin were classmates, in another school, i was so happy to hear that, but when my cousin told me that he has a gf, i was so angry i could crush them both, and the same thing happens HE STILL HATES ME, and says nega feed backs about me, he even back bites me, i want to tell him that "THAT ITS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE EASY FOR ME TO ACCEPT ALL THE THINGS THAT HE SAID TO ME, EVERY NIGHT I CRY, BECAUSE I MISS HIM, AND EVEN IF HE HURT ME SO MUCH, I STILL LOVE HIM, AND NOW I'M ALREADY IN 6TH GRADE, AND WHEN EVER I HEAR SONGS THAT REMIND ME OF HIM, I CANT DO ANYTHING BUT CRY, CAUSE THAT'S NEVER GONNA CHANGE, BUT SOMEDAY I HOPE HE'LL COME BACK TO ME ;'(" THANKS 4 READING MY STORY, I HOPE MANY CAN RELATE TO IT,

Tags: Love, Heartbroken
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ireka says:
20 Sep, 2010 03:08 AM

i experience that ..
when i was in 4rth grade ..

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yoshiro says:
20 Sep, 2010 04:23 AM

parehas pala tayong magmahal. Tanga. mahirap mang aminin pero totoo di ba. masakit na pero aus lng kung sya lang din nmn ang dahilan.

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Audrey M says:
20 Sep, 2010 11:56 AM

Hey(: i have read your story, i also made a story "Forget or Fight?" by Audrey M. And if you read it you can see that i know exactly how you feel. I am so sorry and i know you feel sad. but dont worry, i havent found a happy ending yet either but i want you to know that I understand and that God has already choosen someone for you(: and im 99.9% sure its not him(: I hope you'll take my advice and start to relax and not listen or look at anything that reminds you of him and just stop all communication with him...i hope it works for you(:

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Lauren says:
20 Sep, 2010 08:51 PM

mhmm, something like this happened to mee. I hate how they tease you.. its horrible :\

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travis says:
20 Sep, 2010 09:04 PM

uhmmmm... it will be ok...
crushes are just crushes...
they come and they let go...
there will be right person for you at the end.
right now you focused first your study.

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Anonymous says:
22 Sep, 2010 06:11 PM

I had that samething happen to me in 5th grade but I moved away in 6th and then I started tlkn to him then he just stopped tlkn cus he got a gf. I miss tlkn to him:(

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Catherine says:
24 Sep, 2010 11:42 AM

a crush is a just a never lasts thats for sure take it from me who had plenty of crushes and only a few actually liked me just hanq in there

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