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21 Sep, 2018 10:05 PM

November 26th 2015,the day my life went down hill,I met Chris off of MeetMe,my mom had a bad feeling about him. I didn’t listen and still talked to him,we texted everyday all day I thought he was the love of my life. I met up with him one night,I was nervous I was shaking I didn’t know what was gonna happen. We ended up having sex.
I got so attached to his man,from than on I was sneaking out of the house to go see him spending time with him at his apartment which I thought was his ittl he told me he was living with his ex girlfriend but called her his roommate.

And then one day I gotten pregnant,he wanted a kid and I was going to give him what he wanted but it didn’t happen, I ended up having a miscarriage which I almost died from and I woke up that morning blood all over the bed dhydrated and didn’t know what was going on and I had my son with me,I told Chris to take me to the hospital somethings wrong his cousin took his car so he had this other one that he drove with no tags it was raining and he dropped me off at this park that was across the street from the hospital and made me walk. I went into the hospital and almost fainted trying to do the paperwork and then I ended up calling my sons father and told him to get our son I’m in the hospital he got our son and stayed with me at the hospital while Chris went home to sleep. The doctor told my mom if she would’ve came in five Minutes later she would’ve went into shock and died.

My mom was so worried about me she didn’t know what was going to happen I had to have surgery to get the placenta out of me and then I was okay I was in the hospital for a week, and I broke up with Chris. He dropped all of my stuff off at Kwame’s and just didn’t care. I went back home and stopped talking to him for a few months well stupid me went back to him thinking he change well then I got pregnant again and he made me get a abortion all because he thought I was cheating on him. I had to endure losing not one but two kids, then he got me pregnant one more time and made me get a abortion so that made it three kids I lost, thanks to that man. I got on birth control and vowed I wouldn’t have another baby by him.

He has been trying so hard to get me pregnant ever since last year, he is a narrastic, I found out he had a secret girlfriend on the side for a year and one day I finally met her she saw me and Chris in the shower together and she almost fought me,she’s still with him to this day he’s got a new victim. He has threatened my life so many times he has told me that he’s glad my mom died one less crack whore to deal with. He’s tried choking me and looked me in my eyes and said do you want to die tonight. And I went to the police and they dropped the charges against him because they said their wasn’t enough evidence, I had so many messages from him with so many threats. He has made my life a living hell. He was the most toxic person I’ve been with.

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