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07 Sep, 2018 06:18 AM

This guy let me tell you is just a straight asshole excuse my language, here’s the story about him.

July,12th I started talking to Kenneth on meetme, he messaged me he seemed really sweet so I gave it a chance I told him my expectations right off the bat so he knew, we were talking everyday and we had a lot in common, well one night I was showing my old roommate a picture of him and she’s like omg that’s Kenneth he’s our
Next door neighbor and I was completely in shock and I told Kenneth and he was in more shock and so then we started hanging out this is where it all began.

We start hanging out and talking getting to know each other he told me things about his life I told him things about mine and he was so understanding well one night it was me Kenneth my friend Magen and my friend Bianca we were having a bonfire and I got super tired and Kenneth walked me inside we were standing by the door and he asked me would it be bad if I wanted to kiss you and I said no I don’t think so and so he kissed me but not kissed made out. It was perfect and then the next few days we kept hanging out and everyone thought we were a couple because we kissed all the time.

He and I would sit on the swing set and laugh and talk or we would lay on this chair outside and he would be holding me and it just felt like I was protected and things were going good ittl he started too talk too much about his size down their and I should’ve seen the red flag on that one and he kept asking if I wanted pics of it and it was annoying after a while. Well things changed drastically after one night.

One night I met up with him outside and we were talking on the swing like usual and then he wanted to play redlight so he put his hand on my thigh and kept going and going and I said stop and he said fire trucks don’t stop at red lights and I don’t know I guess I just got into it because ome thing lead to another and next thing I knew we were having sex.

The next day he barely talked to me and he told me that it was a mistake and that we should take things slow well he completely stopped speaking to me and now he hates me and won’t talk to me and I didn’t do anything to him and it’s so awkward because he lives next door and I’m friends with his sister. It’s just the most biggest mistake I’ve made.

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