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Did he love me (?)

Gloriane Annabel

22 Sep, 2017 07:46 AM

August 30, it almost 3 months since we are apart
when the time realize, i was knew it he didn’t love me

He maybe the one who always chat you first
He maybe the one who ask how was your day
He maybe the one who always listen to every of your problem
He maybe the one who take you home safely
He maybe the one takes everywhere you want
The one who always waits for you
The one who always patience of your temper
The one who always forgive you
The one who always take cares
The one who accept who you are even though he knew you not virgin anymore
The one who always see you smart and independent women

When you tell him a lil lie, just want to get his attention, so you know he truly love you……
HE didn’t forgive YOU
HE walked away so easily
HE hate YOU so easily
When YOU around HIM, HE made YOU like i don’t exist.
HE don’t even wanna see YOU
and say Hi
Did HE really love me? You know what i’ve been through right?

I still remember your promises

“I’m gonna make u a good girl, that’s my promise”
“I will take you to church and bring closer to God”
Because i was addict to drug and sex
And after broke up you said “Don’t worry we still friend, i forgive you”

But all your promises said different in reality life…………

i write on Whatssap Status that i promise i will be to my sinful darkest side, just to know, did you still remember your promises?
Where’s your promises?

And now you happy with someone else and you said she always be there for him at his lowest part moment of life until now.

So what the function of me when i was your GF? :)

Don’t you know, i love you 100%. I also wiling to be your guilty pleasure. Just to make you happy and stay beside you.

You also promise:
“I won’t have sex with you before marry” You broke your promise, i cant said no because i love you because i know you are good guy i ever met.

But this time all different………….
so did you really love me?

“I just was unlucky, pick the right guy its like a lottery ticket. You don’t know if you took the right one”

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Garrett says:
27 Oct, 2017 09:13 PM

There's a lot of parts i don't understand because it just doesn't make sense, other than that it was sad, Gloriane Annebel. I loved it, if you are able to re-write it try to fix the grammar! BTW i almost cried, and i tell ya i do not cry that often.

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wilma says:
31 May, 2018 03:35 AM

I cried many time when I was read it. I also felt on what your feelings all about but instead I choose to become stronger women than to continue on what I've been experience during my break up. I try to forget but it so hard to did and accept it.
A questions that always comes on my mind,,,,,DID HE LOVE ME??

Ps:just message me personally ahhaaa

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