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Broken Butterflies pt.2


24 Jul, 2017 09:23 AM

A/N--omg thank to everyone who wants part two of this its nust that ever since i found this website i been creating more stories of my love life and been trying to upload them its been a hella busy summer. I want to tjank you to all that have read my story and gave me courgae to write part 2 of broken butterflies love you guys lots remember that "love isnt lost or taken away it is always there".

After that incident i walked off still red from blushing that i actually bumped into his chest and him catching me i couldnt concentrate in class and ended up missing the lecture and having no idea what we just did,these girls were talking about him since i bumped into him im an observant person as well as i hear things that others talk about ,the girl sarah was like "omg did you see that guy that rose bumped into? Then her friend which is sitting next to her smacked on her gum and said "hell yes and he is fine i mean look at those muscles oo i wish he was mine". Right there and then i snapped well on tje inside i did i questioned them in my head why do you only see his muscles, cant you see those eyes that shine brighter than the stars and sun? Why cant you see that every time he smiles it makes me want to smile and pinch his cheeks?

Eventually it was the last hour of the day in that crazy highschool, i was going to my locker gathering all the books and notes i took from each class into my backpack i always had both my earbuds in but since a certain someone took my mp3 i had to listen to all the convo and hustling of backpacks and shoes each kid trying to get out of here,just as i was about done i backed up from my skinny blue locker and bumped into someone i turned around so fast and ,there he was again those brown eyes and shiny browned hair i didnt speak for 5 seconds at least but him being close to me i was only up to his chest and his face looking down on me making those shiny brown eyes stare right into me i was breathless and i took one step back trying to breathe bit then he took a step forward everytime i did, i swallowed my saliva and just as i was about to speak he said "soo where is my phone?" Deciding to mess with him i cross my arms and said "i dont know i think i left it in one of the classrooms" he smirked like he knew i was planning something i raised my eyebrow giving him the confused look ,he laughed and i just stared at him not knowing why he laughed but let me tell you this it was harmonizing it made my heartbeat faster i dont know why my heart was beating that fast was it because he sounded so calming and cute in a way? Or was it the butterflues that i felt? that i think it was?, well i knew exactly what it was, him laughing calmed me and sounded soothing that it made my day better just to see that laughing face of him, lost in my thoughts he looked at me again by this time almost all the students were gone and i started walking ,and he walked next to me he had a certain smell that semmed to calm me downlost in thoughts again he asked "when am i going to get my phone rose?" I looked at the floor and smiled "uhh never" he smiled and said "your smile is so amazing it makes my future bright"

I laughed at his chessy line and said "well i was just messing with you about your phone but ill return it to you now", i stopped in front of me and licted my chin up and said in the most calming voice ever "lift up your head beautiful dont always look down you dont know how much your eyes and lils can mean to someone else" i blinked then smiled again saying

"oh and how would you know jay?". He chuckled softly "because maybe i just know that person" i looked at him in the eye while walking next to him and cars passing by and said "hmmm are you sureee?" I wiggled my eye brows and laughed at myself he then said "yes i do ,oh and when am i going to get my phone back miss rose?" Didn't notice it was on the side of my backpack he took it amd raised my mp3 up in the air stopping me in my tracks and dropping my backpack and now in front of him reaching my hand trying to get it i kinda pouted like a little kid who got her candy stolen and looked at him trying to still reach it i was tip toeing trying not to fall against him AGAIN but suddenly he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him still holding my mp3 up in the air he looked at me and laughed "i guess your too short rose let me help you" him playing with me i put my hands on his shoulders trying to reach it ,me giving in all my weight to bring him down eventually we both ended up falling but him saving me his back ended up against the concrete and my head hitting his chest, me being shocked at what just happened i got up off his chest and said panicking a little " omg jay are you okay?,im really sorry let me help you" i went beside him carefully lifiting his head up i examined his head to see if there was any damage but no damage whew thank god i thought, he stood up and i was angry a little amd raised my tone "why would you do that for me jeezus jay, you could have had a brain ingury or something dont do it ever again!" He then said "im fine rose just a little fall catching my princess" angry somehow i smiled at his chessy line again "you know your really chessy jay" as i stood up and reached out a hand, he nod "yea i get that alot" taking my hand and pulling himself up almost,knocking me over again he held out his hand giving me my mp3 and said "ill see you tommorow princess as he went to his car that was parked across from the school soccer field but then he stopped and turned back around "are you walking or is someone picking you up?" I said " im walking since i live near the school, for the first time i saw a worried look on his face and i smiled hoping to remove that worried look he asked "is it okay of i drop you off i meam i dont want you walking home alone" i turned down his offer and said "its okay its literally just right there" he smiled and said again "see you then princess" and turned around walking to his car his posture from the back was like huge his shoulder blades and the msucles on his arms i shooked my head and held my mp3 thinking

Jeezus he always says "princess" im not used to it at all like AT ALL but jay is really nice and omg i cant tell you how much i couldn't stop thinking about him when i got home...

End of part2~?
A/N-- hihihuh thank for the comments it gave me courage to continue hopefully this part wo t make you guys cringe cause in real life jay really is cheesy and he is also loves to make people laugh, ill continue part 3 soon thank you thank you! A sneak peek of part 3
Would be about during lunch and classes between me and him!!

~Sneak peek~
Jay what are you dong here? I asked looking at those captivating eyes
He chuckled "im a senior remember princess?"
"So it doesnt meam you can antwhere in the school jay"
He chuckled again "so i just wanted to see my princess thats all"...

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