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A Second Chance for a Player


28 Mar, 2017 02:19 AM

“The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman’s love with no intention of loving her” – Bob Marley

You were the person who ruined her life back then but now she will take a risk of entrusting her heart to you by giving you a second chance because you asked for it.

She's a type of woman that will give many chances until you've realized her worth. She never get mad when she found out that you were flirting with a lot of women because she knew from the start that you're a player. A player she thought that she could change.

She hides her sadness every time she's with you and who aren't afraid to say I Love You when she really feel it. She believe in everything you said to her not because she's stupid but because she believes that there's a good in you. She saw something in you that made her decide to stay even if it hurts her..

She's aware of the pain you will give her the moment she start caring and loving you. As much as she wanted to avoid not to fall so deep she can't help herself and forget the pain you brought to her.

She never imagined that she would meet a person from her past with a different personality, a different you. She just thought that maybe you are a changed person or she just never met you as a deep and emotional person back then.

What if she fought for you from the start? Will she still have you now or everything will be a so called relationSHIT?

The emptiness you've felt every time you were alone. All the pain you've been through from the past that always brought back to your memory like it was happened yesterday. She felt sorry for that... for not taking chances 7 years ago. Her heart is silently crying knowing that you fought your own battle without her on your side. For the broken hearts and for all the hard times.

The moment that she decided to accept you and realized how broken you are the more she's willing to give herself and try again if second chance is worth it for a man like you...for a player like you!

They've said everything happens for a reason. So if it didn't work for the first try maybe now is the time to make it up for all the chances that you both didn't take.

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Kim says:
28 Jun, 2017 03:07 AM

omg... Sooo heart breaking

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light says:
13 Sep, 2018 10:51 PM

I am so related to this forgivable and unending love girl...there's a saying that kept me going, not my loss it's his...keep giving as many chances as you can but at the same time, try to lighten your feelings, step by step and line by line you'll move on...he'll only realize it when you're by his side anymore, but when that time comes, you already leave him for's true that second chances is possible, it's another chance for others to learn from the first but trust me, players never change, he's enjoying what he's doing because it's a game now to him and probably he feels like he's the best player of the yeah, if he's a player then he'll always be a this story so much...

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