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Yes, I forgive you.......

Veronica Tello Chavez

12 Feb, 2017 02:38 AM

Veronica likes Raul!!!
Everyone said.As my classmates teased me.Ewwww!!..

I said.Never in my whole life. But deep down I actually did love him.But I was scared he might rejecte I'd hide the love I felt for him a secret.While days past. I got to be a friend to him. I was the luckiest girl in the whole world! Well, that's what I though.
Everyday he would talk to me. Tell me his funny stories of his life. He also tells me funny jokes. My face turn red as a tomatoe. As I laughed. We got to be best friends. While days past he seemed more awesome. While we played outside. My friends and I got to go to the swings. He played basketball with his friends. But, as I sat there. I was looking at him. One of my friends cought me looking at him and said "Do you like him?"

No,I said. So we moved on with the topic. But,deep down yea. As I looked at him. He cought me. Looking at him. He looked at me and smiled.Oohhh!!! The girls did as they saw.Some of his friends saw it too and said go talk to her. As one of his friends punched him and said "You go Raul!!" I looked away and he came straight to me. Feeling nervous. Scratching his head. And said "Hi" I felt special. I thought the world pause. And I said "hey". He said "what to go for a walk?" I said "Sure, sounds great". As we walked.I thought I was dreaming. But deep down I didn't want it to be a dream that I could wake up and wouldn't be true. As we walked we sat on some bleachers. He graved my hand and looked at me. I blushed. But,at the same time I was happy. Because the boy I loved was in front of me!! He spoked and said " Veronica,to be honest I love you so much. Scene the first time I saw you" I smiled. I said "I love you to". As he spoke he said "I remember that day that day i frist saw you in class, with your curl hair,your sweet smile, and your cool shoes Addidas" I smiled and said "You remember, well I also remember with your Nike shoes,and that nice looking hair style,you had". He smiled. And looked at my eyes. I just wishes this moment would never end. Then he said "Just know I love you with all my heart, OK". And suddenly from nowhere he said "what to be my girlfriend?" I said "Yes!!" Oooooo!!the kids said as they spy at us. And Raul Kiss my at my front head. And said "I'll be here for you, and I will always protect you". I said "Love you to the moon". RrrInnGg!!

Suddenly the bell rang. "Time to go to lunch time time". A teacher yelled. And the then blew her wishtle.
By the time I sat on the table and ate my lunch suddenly my bff Joanna said "What happened?" I said nothing. And my friends yelled "Oooooo!". I was wondering why, as I turned I saw that he was smile as he pasted by. One of his friends came up to me and gave me a piece of paper. And suddenly walked away. As I opened the paper it said " I LOVE YOU,WITH ALL MY HEART!!. YOU GOT ME GOING CRAZY,FOR LOVE"

I smiled.My friends were curious and took the paper out of my hands and pasted it around and read it. They all said "Wow! That is so romantic.." I just stayed silent and smiled...

At class time I was so lucky I sat behind him. And we pasted love notes to each other. But we got cought by the teacher. And stayed for detention. As the kids left home. We stayed. The teacher left to go get her snack. But to make sure she separate us I got to be in a different classroom so was he. But I still saw him through the window. And I heard Beep Beep!! I was wondering what was the sound coming out of... My phone!! I got a message from Raul.. It said "hi" I looked out the window and was waving hi to me. We texted for the rest of the period. As it got over. We walked home. He was carrying my backpack and his. It was cold. So he took his of and I used it. He huged me. And brought me to my house. And kissed me a goodnight kiss. By the months we become unseparate. But one day I remember I was changing to go to a different classroom in middle school. Well a boy came and huged me tightly. I said "Let me go!!" Raul turned and punch him on the face. And picked me up from the ground. "Are you OK?" "Yea" I said. We went back to class. And he said "Did he hurt you?" "No!" I said. By the next day when I came to school I saw that some girls came up to me and said "If Raul, your boyfriend was so loyal. Why did he kiss my friend??" I said "Stop lying!!" I rush and asked him. And suddenly a girl ran to him and forced him to kiss her... I saw it and broke my heart into pieces.. Raul turn and saw me. And said "Wait, she did it to me. I didn't see that kiss coming from... Everything happened so fast.... Plz forget me"

I should have seen that coming... I knew he wasn't loyal.... At the day I ignored him.... I didn't talk to him... I didn't even look at him. Later on I got a note from him it said "Sorry, I didn't see that kiss coming... Come on I don't even know that girl...plz forgive me...."
I ripped up the paper and throw it at his face...

The bell rang. We had to switch classes. I saw some girls near him. One was hugging him.. The other was kissing him on the cheek.. My blood boiled. As I looked. And He yelled "Plz stop it I don't even know you girls!! Gosh you girls are supper annoying!!! Suddenly I felt a person hugging me from the back it was a boy who liked was Mike And said " Its OK,I'm here for you" I walked with him to my house. Behind us was Raul. Raul yelled "Veronica I love you. Always remember that". Then Mike turn and punched Raul. Suddenly they started to fight I screamed "Stop it!!!" I ran home and from nowhere I saw a car. It hit me. Everything seemed so blurry. All I heard was Raul saying "You are going to be alright, plz don't close your eyes" ad he cried.I heard the abulince. They took me to the hospital. The last thing I saw was Raul crying and then he hugged me and said "Please don't leave me,I love you"

I closed me eyes. And they took me to the operaion room. I opened my eyes through the window I saw Raul,And my Family. My whole life with Raul flash by. Every moment. Every detail about Raul. A tear came out of me eyes. I knew I wouldn't survive. And I heard the doctor saying we got no time we are losing her!!!...... I saw that Raul was screaming "Nooooo!!!!" I closed my eyes. I saw God. I was in heaven. I saw my brother who passed away. But suddenly everything turned dark. I opened my eyes. My family was surrounding me. I began to cry. My mother ask me why...I said where is Raul??? They all moved left. He was sleeping on the couch. My mom said he was wake all day and night waiting for you to wake up. And I told him to sleep.For a while. Suddenly he woke up. Raul said "I love you so much!! Plz forgive me" I said "Yes" He ran and hugged me tightly. And after that nightmare. It was just Raul and I fighting vs the world....
For ever..........

Tags: Missing, Hurt
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Kate says:
08 Apr, 2017 04:58 PM

I love this story. I wish you guys the best. from your story, I actually believe Raul was set up by other girls to hurt you. doesn't matter anymore, good luck.

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kaylee says:
10 Apr, 2017 01:54 AM

Ok this is a really nice story board, but you need to make it less cheesy BUT MAKE MORE STORIES I LOVE YOU

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Kezang Dawa says:
12 Apr, 2017 04:27 AM

very tragic note...

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Kari says:
25 Apr, 2017 02:37 PM

This is very Cheesy,but I'm Happy for you!

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jerce fuentes says:
08 May, 2017 07:20 AM

its so nice thats why we need to give sec0nd chance but for the person that deserve ur second chance

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